Home of Irm's Girls registered Miniature Nubians

FGCH Irm's Girl Orphan Annie

Registration: DN00196   
Generation: 2
DOB: 03/16/2010         Ears: Pendulous        Horns: Polled
Description:     chamoisee roan w/frosted ears  

Wonderful Farm Cherie Bab (barn name Coco)

Registration: DN00434        Generation: 2
DOB: 04/17/2011         Ears: 2/3 Drop        Horns: polled
Description:     brown w/white ears, cap, muzzle and mark on side  

Irm's Girl Beautiful Bele

Registration: DN00463     Generation: 2
DOB: 03/08/2012         Ears: Pendulous        Horns: Disbudded
Description:     white with random black 

Irm's Girl Hidden Treasure

  Generation: 2
DOB: 03/16/2013         Ears: Pendulous        Horns: Polled
Description:     chocolate brown w/white belt,pol;forsted ears & muzzle