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We get a lot of questions about goat care and how we do things. Below is a list of our most frequent questions and the answers. If you have a specific question, please contact us via our facebook page and we will do our best to answer. THANKS

I have never owned a goat before but want a goat to have my own milk. What is the best way to get started and what will I need?

If you have never owned a goat before, the first thing you need to know is that goats are herd animals. You HAVE to have at least two. If you don't need a ton of milk, the second one can be a whether (neutered male) . If you are just starting out with dairy goats, I highly recommend you purchase a doe in milk that is used to being milked and well behaved on the milk stand. Further, I would recommend you not buy a goat unless the person selling it is willing to let you milk it!

It is temping to buy a doe kid and breed her yourself, but that is a long time to wait for milk. that first kidding season can be intimidating if you and the goat are both inexperienced. Trust me on this :)  Been there done that.